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Company ATT Plus Ltd. was based in 1990. It is engaged in development, production and sale of products of antenna technology. The employees have many years of experience in development of high-frequency engineering in the state company Tesla Pardubice. An assortment of the company is growing and presently we offer fairly wide range of our own products, coaxial and semi-rigid cabels, brand name and no-name connectors, surge protections, attenuators, copper and silver-coated wires...

Company ATT Plus Ltd. has developed and now offers comprehensive lines of antennas and antenna systems for bands 60,80,160, 330 and 450 MHz. Single types were designed on basis of our customers' requests for antenna pattern, frequency width, mechanical fastening of antenna, and resistance to climate. There is a line of all-purpose holders for masts' diameter from 30 to180 mm to simplify the antenna fastening. We also make antennas in fibreglass radome for extreme climates.

We also offer panel and omnidirectional antennas for systems TETRA and MATRA , base antennas for GSM (900/1800 MHz), base antennas for data transfer in band 2,4 GHz and antennas for military use.

We offer masts, coaxial cables (from RG line to corrugated cables) and complete assembling material (combinable ladders,grounding kits,cable clamps,wall entries...).

There is a proposal and manufacture of hf filters in the program of our company. We do not offer only the basic versions of helical and cavity filters in bands 80,160,330,450 and 900 MHz, but we are also able to manufacture filters for specific application based on given requirements regarding the band, frequency response, climatic resistence, possible wattage rating, duplexers for standardized and non-standardized duplex distances.

As specifically required by ATT Plus Ltd. customers, we design and manufacture cavity and hybrid antenna combiners and extremely selective preselectors for bands 60,80,160 and 450 MHz.

Apart from the above described sortiment we manufacture components for complex antenna systems from 80 to 2500 MHz. We are able to design and produce antenna system for specific location, we can measure, propose and manufacture set of filters to achieve maximum effective sensitivity in an area of great hf interference, as specified by customer's requirements for signal coverage (required pattern).

As an representative of company Walter Krenn, Hochfrequenztechnik GmbH (direct distributor of ROSENBERGER products), company ATT Plus Ltd. offers brand name coaxial connectors of company ROSENBERGER . Based on specific needs of our customers (type, workmanship, way of assembly, electrical parameters, etc.) we will offer corresponding type of connector and we will make a price offer (also for single pieces). Besides a wide sortiment of coaxial connectors and adapters, we offer measuring cables according to specific electric parameters, length and type of connector for frequency range of up to 110 GHz, calibration sets and attenuators.

Company ATT Plus Ltd. also includes in its program quality protection of electronic and electric mechanisms from the effects of dangerous surge – surge protections, designated for feeding, measuring, data, computer, telecommunication and radio networks.

Cable assembly – i.e. manufacture of connecting cables and reducing adapters according to customer's wishes, regarding the types of connectors and length and type of cable.